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Too much chopping and changing, we never keep the same 11 and let them settle. Why we insist on 4-2-3-1 I’ll never know. A few points that need sorting out or Silva has to go.

Drop the 4-2-3-1 for a 4-3-3.
Drop Keane for Mina and allow him to bed in.
Drop Siggy for an extra midfielder across a 3.
Keep Walcott away from squad.

Those are a few suggestions that would improve us.


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...thought Zouma played like the game mattered, Davies was ok. Zouma MoM.
But as always, at fault for a goal.

It baffles how people don't see that. Intelligent football people like yourself. He concedes goals for fun everywhere he goes because he has the positional sense of a 14 year old. He doesn't sense danger. He isn't a defender.


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I have gone for Gana because his first half performance was tremendous. 2nd half he tried but with varying results. Not one player turned up for the 2nd half
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