Was Dunc right for hooking Kean?

Was Dunc right to hook Kean?

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No he wasn't?

Why wasn't he put up front, like Niasse was when he came on?

Instead he was asked to go to the right and play as a winger.
He actually was put up front when he came on, and Richy dropped back to left wing. Think they changed it about 10 minutes later to go one up top with Iwobi moving into centre mid.


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If the change had added something, fine. But it didn't. It just seemed so strange.

Niasse came on, conceded two fouls and had three touches. What was the point?
I get the football hipsters will be upset, but here's my thoughts during the game;

Kean needs to work more. Far far too laboured.
We needed legs and pressing and urgency.

Kean couldn't be arsed. He barely moved.
Ultimately, Ferguson asked him to do something. He didn't do it. At worst, he was lazy and disinterested, at best the game looked well too quick for him (like it did when we subbed him off in the cup)

It's very worrying. People wondered why Juve sold him, Mancini dropped him from the Italy squad for lack of professionalism, Everton/Silva doing likewise, his cameo appearances being pretty terrible and today.

Everton > Kean


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100%. We conceded soon after he went on. I don’t think Dunc had many options on the bench to be fair, so he tried to get a second and expected more work rate from Kean to get back and defend. Didn’t happen
people need to remember dunc isn't full time manager

he is still auditioning for the job

if dunc leaves him on and kean doesnt track back on a utd attack and utd win 2-1 that's his chances gone probably forever

he had to make a decision for his future prospect as manager and also to secure at least a point

we may have got a point with kean still on the pitch but you just can't take that risk especially in his position
I’d largely agree with this, except Dunc shouldn’t be worrying about his position. I hope he’s not. I hope he’s making decisions purely on the grounds of what’s best for Everton.


The bringing him off to waste time is utter waffle by the way, he's saying that to keep the issue in house

He's dragged him off because he's been given a task and not carried it out

You know what. i'm made up, sick of seeing bottle jobs and lazy little rats season in season out
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