Player Valuation: £70m
I'm for it, but also against it.

We've basically had post-VAR for years with match or the day and it doesn't matter how clear a penalty you think something might be, Joe bloggs disagrees for mind boggling reasons!
100% for it. There is no way do things balance out any more. There is way too much incompetency, bias and in some instances out and out corruption from the officials. They get so much wrong every single match and if you are playing against the top 6 you know for certainty before kick off that any dodgy decisions will almost always be against you. I would bet that the top 6 will be against it and the majority of the rest of the teams will be for it, in other words VAR needs to be introduced and the sooner the better.

VAR is far from perfect but it is definitely an improvement from the current mess and will make it harder for officials to be dodgy or hide and thus should help move things towards being a tad more balanced and fairer.