USA and South America Market Growth

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WA Toffee

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The problem with marketing in places like Colombia is the same as Thailand or Indonesia. They all love football, but can't afford to pay UK prices for an official shirt. Why would they pay Everton 60 quid for a shirt when they can get a knock off from the markets for 5?
We can certainly do a lot more in the marketing side to get our name known, but I really don't see much scope to make money out of it.


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Can you buy an Everton shirt in Colombia?

Or the USA?
Massive opportunity here, let's not waste it again.

Keep in mind that despite the rapid rise in football’s popularity in the US, it still does not have the penetration of the traditional American sports. So football shirts are not as ubiquitously available as American football, baseball, and NBA stuff.

Most sporting good retailers now will sell a few top-6 shirts, Barca, USA, the other popular national sides (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, England), the local MLS side, and that’s it.

There’s a footy-only store near me that goes a lot deeper, with the top sides from the top 5 European leagues, lots of national sides, all MLS, and an unpredictable assortment of other PL sides, including Everton.

So no, not really.

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