2019/20 Tom Davies

Mikey O

Player Valuation: £1m
Yes, lost the ball in midfield in the second half but played some great forward passes in the second half. If Carlo can improve DCL, Sneids and even Siggi just think what he can do for Davies.

I expect Davies to get the nod again at Chelsea - will come on leaps and bounds given the chance. Let's be patient until the end of the season - the feel good factor is really, really close.

Carlo Magnifico


Player Valuation: £30m
Thought Tom Davies had a decent 10+ minute spell during the second half after a poor(ish) showing in the first. It's like someone flipped a switch on him. One moment he's falling over himself and giving the ball away, the next he's holding off players and opening up the United defence with his passing.

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