2019/20 Tom Davies


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Personally I think it's good that they can express themselves, dress how they please, have a good time, and enjoy their lives. Life really is far too short to spend trying to fit into the 'Norm', if that's not who you really are, or to be conforming to what others want or expect of you.


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Bunch of scruffy long haired louts young ‘uns today. Can’t tell the difference between lads and lasses anymore.... and as for that crap they listen to nowadays, that’s not music it’s just a bloody racket. Said your grandads about youse.
These days this drivel also comes packaged as 'generation theory'


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It's hard to defend Davies at times. However. two things, passing has improved (most of the time), and without sounding too erotic before breakfast. He has pair of legs on him. However, he does look off the pace of games, when he comes on and starts, maybe it's match sharpness. Indeed, don't see him currently near starting line up when clear of other player injuries excetra.

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