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Tony Davies with his debut article for the site!

Have a read;



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Tony Davies with his debut article for the site!

Have a read;

That's an excellent read . . . . . . . . . and for some posters on here it should be a difficult read. I just hope it makes people think about what they're posting, on this very forum as well as other social media platforms.


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Just modern football fans isn't it, They have no patience or know how give constructive criticism without calling players every name under the sun, What I've noticed in this fanbase is people don't acknowledge players can be middle ground they're either great or crap.
This article can apply to most Football fans really, Twitter is just an absolute cess pit of wannabe Skip Bayless's who say the most outrageous things for attention.


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Tony Davies with his debut article for the site!

Have a read;



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....i suspect with the advent of social media, this is more a modern day phenomenon. Saying that, it’s lots to do with life’s values & more specifically how you treat people.

We love our footy and we are passionate about our footy. I‘ve never been of a view that fans should blindly support the individuals in their team, it’s a game of opinion and it’s perfectly reasonable to rate them & provide reasoning why. What is not perfectly reasonable is to verbally abuse a footballer.


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Great read.

I think Tom is refreshing tbh, as are a lot of the younger generation of players who are not afraid to be 'different', or express themselves. Marcus Rashford is an extreme end of that phenomenon. I'm personally bored of whitewash media trained football and I don't know why people get so abusive based on what someone is like outside of football, it's not like anyone's out there killing cats. They are just professionals at the end of the day.

A year ago I thought Tom Davies had gone Bad Davies and was running out of options as a footballer. A year later, and some very astute management - simplifying his game in the 6 - has suddenly turned him into a tasty looking player, bringing out his best qualities. He is only 22.

Through a long lense, this is completely natural, and actually happens in football all the time. Yet some people can get very vitriolic when a player is out of form. I've done so in the past myself. I guess that's the curse of being the fan.

But there is still no excuse for abuse, or being threatening and or aggressive. I don't know if people are especially angry at the moment in society or whether social media just get's people hysterical but either way the current abuse of players, the racism, the death threats, is just not on. I'm done with most social media and wouldn't go near Twitter with a barge pole, because it just brings people to the boil. At the same time social media allows some footballers to show people that it's ok to be different. For the younger generation maybe social media showed them that.

Aside from the regulation of free speech on the internet, I would just like to apologise to the heelkicking holding midfielder for referring to him as 'Bad Davies' for the last year and a half. Now he can be Notbad Davies.


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The dicks who post such stuff can only be suffering from an illusion that how they say things is given more weight if it's personal abuse. They probably also think that in some way their criticism will affect team selection. Sad.


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Tony Davies with his debut article for the site!

Have a read;

Good pertinent article, but if you/ we are in serious in supporting this no-nonsense approach to abuse then should we see a similar line taken on this forum? I wonder because although the not directed directly at a player through the forum, some of the comments in player threads could constitute crossing the line.

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