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The Frustration of Humiliation...

Let me say up front that I am absolutely sick to death of writing missives about this horrendous season, but after the debacle at the Emirates, I’m afraid I’ve had to put fingers to keyboard again.

Ronald Koeman played a back three against Arsenal at Goodison, they scored five, we got destroyed and Koeman bit the dust.

Sam Allardyce made five changes to a winning team in order to accommodate a back three against Arsenal, they scored five, we got destroyed and I’m sorry Sam, but you too should be sacked.

Because Everton, the club, the players, the fans were utterly humiliated yesterday… and then Sam, you blamed everyone else without accepting any degree of responsibility for your decisions.

But you won’t be sacked, at least not just yet, and you and practically the entire Everton community know precisely why.

Because right now, Everton Football Club one of the founding members of the football league, the fourth most successful club in England appears ridiculously broken.

Yes, we have a brand new stadium project ongoing and one that hopefully we’ll grow to love and cherish as we do the Grand Old Lady. But right now, Bramley Moore Dock is a good four years away and Everton Football Club needs to prioritise a complete restructure of the Board of Directors, senior management and football operations.

The club has existed and operated for a generation on under investment, poor and weak management structure and implementation, and an acceptance that that survival is enough, when winning and being top dog is what matters, however it is achieved.

We’ve now got the investment, but the remainder of the problems remain absolutely in situ.

We need a winning mentality from top to bottom and we simply haven’t got it. Our greatest ever goalie, Neville Southall, has stated publicly that the fan base has been brainwashed into believing finishing top four is success when the only true measure of success is being number one – and he’s God damn right, on both counts.

I and no doubt thousands of Evertonians are still trying to figure out what on earth possessed Sam Allardyce to leave our leading scorer, most expensive player ever and recent £20million plus signing on the bench at the Emirates?

I and no doubt thousands of Evertonians are still trying to figure out why Phil Jagielka, who handled the pace threat of Jamie Vardy so well on Wednesday, was omitted from the squad for the Emirates in favour of the slower Ashley Williams?

I and no doubt thousands of Evertonians are still trying to figure out how Allardyce thought Morgan Schneiderlin was the right choice to combat Ozil, Xhaka and Ramsey in the midfield when he can’t tackle, doesn’t go forward and has a shocking work ethic this season? And if you don’t believe me Sam, check out the clips on social media of his half-arsed attempt to get back and prevent Mkhitaryan having a shot on target.

I and without a shadow of a doubt thousands of Evertonians are absolutely livid that Ademola Lookman, arguably our most exciting young prospect, was allowed to go to RB Leipzig on loan rather than be given a chance to show more of what he did against Liverpool in that substitute appearance?

Oh, and if you need evidence of a contrast in attitudes…

Ademola Lookman weighed up his situation, made his mind up and gave you, Sam, no wriggle room, he wanted out to go somewhere else to play, test himself and develop. He went and scored a debut winner in a league you suggested might be the wrong move for him at his age with language barriers etc… well, that analysis bit you straight in the ass didn’t it?

Morgan Schneiderlin on the other hand has played this season like he doesn’t care and doesn’t give a toss. Under Koeman he was poor, under Unsworth he and Mirallas disrespected the stand-in manager and the club, and since you’ve arrived, he still hasn’t shown any desire or intent to improve. His attitude and demeanour, in contrast to that of Ademola Lookman, stinks.

Sam, you said you prepared the team on the basis of what you saw Swansea achieve against Arsenal – are you kidding me/us?

Are you seriously saying that you couldn’t figure out what to do without modelling your game plan on that of a team eight places BELOW us?

Are you seriously suggesting that none of you, Walsh, Shakespeare, Lee or Ferguson had the gumption to devise an Everton game plan?

Because if the answer to any or all three of these questions is Yes, then you all need to pack your bags, clear your desks and get the hell out of Everton Football Club.

As we went into Christmas on a seven game unbeaten run and the threat of relegation largely dispelled, I hoped Sam, that you would seize the opportunity, the best you’ve ever had and now absolutely the last you’ll ever have, to actually do something with a ‘big’ club other than an annual escapologist act.

You’ve failed miserably and completely to seize the moment, the greatest opportunity of your career and after that Emirates performance alone, you along with Walsh, Shakespeare, Lee and Ferguson should hang your collective heads in shame.

Relegation was a terrible, terrible prospect but right now, I and maybe thousands of Evertonians are more sick of the humiliations we keep enduring.

Mr.Moshiri – if you’re not already searching for a new manager and support team, then you should be. Because if you’re not and you think the present manager, his team and DoF are the men for next season and beyond, then maybe you’re not the man for Everton Football Club either.

Mr.Moshiri, who is the skipper on the bridge of our ship?
Is anybody on the bridge steering our ship out of troubled waters?

Because right now, I and thousands of Evertonians see nothing but icebergs on the horizon !

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WhooHoooooo......that is what I call hitting it out of the park, Andy.

Top stuff...:dance:


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Its a point i keep repeating. All at everton have gotten so used to been beaten 3/4/5 nil since martinez second season it has become the norm. It isnt a shock anymore.

Experienced players and regular starters over the last 4 years should hang their heads in shame at what has become this hammering norm.

Even though he didnt play saturday jags has captained the club through this awful period. Players like snides have continually held on to their position when their performances have not warrented getting in the match day squad. And those 2 are only an example.

They need culling and real men brought in to get some pride back.
Can't agree with your characterisation of Jags. He is no longer the player he was, but in his time here he has put in many outstanding defensive performances and led by example. He didn't get into the England team by chance, but because he has been one of the best defenders around.

He may not be an aggressive in-your-face captain, but he deserves far more credit for his past service.

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Allardyce is an ignorant, arrogant, anti football, dodgy fat [Poor language removed]. Please get him out of our club. I never thought I would look fondly on the Moyes or Martinez days, but, after the two absolute whoppers who followed them, I’m rather afraid I do.

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..I thought Allardyce would see out the entirety of his contract and suspected he might get an extension but Saturday was a line in the sand for me because it was a clear indication his mindset is incapable of progression. His approach is so scientific that he apparently gives up on certain games because they are unwinnable. We can’t have that if we want to move forward. It also undermines the integrity of the league and our club.
The words Allardyce and integrity in the same post.

How very dare you Eggs.

Barnfred 55

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Post of the season

There have been enough hints dropped around that the changes were to rest players for 'winnable games'.
Didn't Moshiri mention this winnable games shight well before Christmas, maybe even 'Before Sam' (or BS as it is known) - if so he's acting under orders - which he most probably has some agreement with in principle...but orders none the less.
Moshiri is behind his man for the season, after that who knows...but I wouldnt bet too much against another season as well.

But I hope to God he has somebody decent lined up - I can't take this for another season
Not sure about post of the season. For me, this is the best post/article I've read on GOT ever.

Well done Andy. You have managed to put into words what 99% of genuine blues must be feeling.

Let's hope the words don't fall on deaf ears.


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I wonder too how Inter Milan fans are feeling - and they're probably "bigger" than even we are - but look at them just now, no win in 8...

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Great Post Andy - am sure it reflects the views of the vast majority of Evertonians.

Shame it can't be sent to the Board, the papers, the internet, the world..........
Need to make the Board listen and act somehow


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Good post Andy, I share a lot of your frustrations. However, for those calling for Allardyce's head, you're wasting your time.

He's not going any where until at least the final whistle of the last game of the season.


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Good post Andy, I share a lot of your frustrations. However, for those calling for Allardyce's head, you're wasting your time.

He's not going any where until at least the final whistle of the last game of the season.
You're probably right Adam and we can but hope that in the games between now and the end of the season the manager and coaching staff pull their fingers out and win us more games than we lose.

The objective though has to be a fundament seed change in all areas of how the club operates and is run going forward.
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