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Should we give the RS a guard of honour? (poll)

Should we?

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The echo reporting that Munich58 was painted on the wall by Dixie's statue and Everton removed it asap. Goes on to say LFC was painted nearby with the same Paint. Surely it can't have been the lovely respectful fans of Liverpool that did it. And we are considering giving them a guard of honour.
As the saying goes " Not in my name"
Yes I saw that on Sunday morning red scum


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Who decides to close a thread? Whoever it is must have dozed off on this pathetic thread. As already said by a few, close it. Who cares about the RS? The media spend their time every week worshipping at the Anfield altar. We should not join them under any circumstances, unless maybe if a volcano blew up under their ground and we could weep crocodile tears.


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Yes, City now play 3 times before our game, if they lose all 3 Liverpool are Champions.
Ok I went and looked. I'm right in thinking just one point from the 3 games makes Goodison mathematically safe. City would be on 58, RS on 82 with 8 games for city being 24 points so able to still get level theoretically?

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