Should Benitez be sacked if we lose the Derby? POLL

Should the manager be sacked if we lose the Derby on Wednesday

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I was hoping he would change the mentality of the club. He hasnt. He also is a complete waffler and lost me when he started mouthing rondons running stats.
The quality of the squad is not his fault. Playing rondon and iwobi for 90 mins is but on a larger scale The problem is the mentality of this bunch of losers and I dont think getting rid of Benitez changes that so he gets till xmas for me.
He sold our most creative player in a decade. That's good fault.
Another manager in and fail to address the real issue of a failing system.

Great move.
This, really.

Pointless sacking ANOTHER manager to deal a new manager the same duff hand.

Not convinced we’ll get better more qualified managers than Ancelotti or Benitez. The only benefit I can see is that we’d reunite the fanbase for a short time and may benefit from the old “new manager bounce”, as Villa are, for a couple of games until the same old issues resurface.

We sack Benitez, its back on the merry go round and the board / players get a free pass for another 18 months while we give this new manager time to “assess the squad / bed in” etc.

If we're relying on DCL and Richarlison returning, if that's our only hope, we aren't in the right position. We can't ignore injuries, but we have to be adaptable.

Maybe I'm harping on, but where are the small, marginal gains? I can accept periods of difficulty if in the wider sense we're progressing as a team.

But right now, we're not showing any of those or any other gains.
People talk about Mina as if he's been VVD for the last few years. He's decent but he's certainly not a key player.
To be honest, Wednesday is too late. Out tonight or Monday give Dunc the Derby.

Wednesday will be open warfare at Goodison.

Who replaces him after the Derby or does this guy manage the team until the end of the season?

Short termism is lethal mate. I’m not a gigantic Rafael fan but better the devil you know, than someone who hasn’t managed any real impact since taking on his role at the club. What the hell does Dunc actually do?
When he was appointed I didn't care he was a former rs manager. My concerns were he went to China to top up his pension. He is well past his best and we were convenient for him.
Now I'm fairly sure I was correct.
But… we’re well past our best.

We keep going through this list of managers we’ll eventually end up in the Championship and being managed by Neil Warnock.

why wait till then, we will lose the derby, we all know this... i'd be surprised if they don't absolutely embarass us... shades of martinez...

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