Should Benitez be sacked if we lose the Derby? POLL

Should the manager be sacked if we lose the Derby on Wednesday

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I was hoping he would change the mentality of the club. He hasnt. He also is a complete waffler and lost me when he started mouthing rondons running stats.
The quality of the squad is not his fault. Playing rondon and iwobi for 90 mins is but on a larger scale The problem is the mentality of this bunch of losers and I dont think getting rid of Benitez changes that so he gets till xmas for me.
Kneejerk nonsense.

The man is in the job 5 months and the injuries have been horrific.

But yeah, let's sack him and put a 'kin cone layer in charge and give the wheel of instability another massive turn.
Hey Mr K. Hypothetically speaking, if we lined up Bobby Martinez as a replacement how would you feel about it? Top class manager, knows the club and league, kept us comfortably mid table with a patchy squad previously, well liked by the fans etc.


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Change that to any Evertonian -



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I don't care anymore, I don't think it's a manager issue but a player, scouting and board issue, until they are gone it makes little difference who is the manager


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Someone in power should ask him tonight what he is going to do to change things.

If the answer is "nothing" or is otherwise not sufficient, he should be sacked. The stubbornness he's shown during this run is horrific, and to be honest I don't even think its guaranteed that Dominic Calvert-Lewin gets back in to the team at this point because Benitez would have to change play back to how had been at the start of the season (and it would be highlighted how wrong he was).

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