2018/19 Seamus Coleman

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Jimmy Grimble

Player Valuation: £10m
It's verging on criminal how managers have overlooked this man to give the armband to Phil Jagielka. Seamus embodies everything that is great about Everton with his working class background to his dedication and loyalty to Everton for a decade, to his attitude within the squad and work in the community and relationship with the fans.

I'll lose a lot of respect in Silva if Jagielka walks out (which he will) with the armband tomorrow. Now is the perfect time to make the change. Silva has already decided that Jagielka is not in his starting xi plans when everybody is fit: it simply would make no sense to have him captain when the far superior, in every single way, Coleman is there and first name on the team sheet.
The disrespect is to Jagielka. A good bloke and a very good player over a long period of time. Deserving of the captaincy in my eyes. Seamus would be a worthy successor, but no need to put down jags.


Player Valuation: £70m
I’ve always thought the weakest part of his game, is he lacks a bit of composure when it matters. The niasse pass and in the 1st half when the ball broke to him in the box and he just slashed at it with his left. When we had 3 in the box.
Yeah he's great when he doesn't have much time, but when he does he's the opposite to baines who shows composure with his head up.

Coleman is too much of a head down player tbf.
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