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[QUOTE="] Ross Barkley would go into the tournament in fabulous form, and look England’s brightest prospect in the warm up games, but Hodgson would seemingly focus on what he couldn’t do, while seemingly forgiving Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling erratic performances in a national shirt.

The same mistakes seemed to be repeated in 2016. Early into the season Liverpool supporting pundit opened up the debate of Alli V Barkley (obviously siding with Alli) and it became a crescendo in the national press as the player playing for a London team was given the nod. This was in spite of Barkley’s impressive performances in the qualifiers. [/QUOTE]
Think Barkley hasn’t done anything to prove the managers got that wrong


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The Tory’s wanted to separate us from the rest of the country in the 80’s, letting it burn and be left well below the poverty line. They ruined families and industry

So stick ye English rar up ye hoop

And I hope Croatia smash those tattooed band playing biffs tonight
Supporting England’s football team has nothing to do with any of that.


roy vernon

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I live in Spain these days so, I class myself as a European but, as I was born and bred in Dovecot and lived in Liverpool well into my adulthood I consider myself a scouser, but, above all I am an Evertonian, from the days when all our fans, barring some diehards off the Dublin boat and twenty or thirty coach loads from North Wales were scousers.


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if I was asked to choose between seeing Everton win the Premier League (or even a Cup), or England winning the World Cup... the answer is simple... England.

i've seen Everton win the league/cups before in the 80s, so them doing it again would be nothing new for me... don't get me wrong, it would be good to see it happen, but not life changing.

on the other hand, i've seen England win the Rugby World Cup and the Ashes... and a World Cup win would be 10x bigger than either of them.


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Never been much of a patriotic person, the national anthem plays, I feel nothing to be honest. England play, I want them to win but defeat never feels as stomach churning as it does with Everton.

I was disappointed with what happened tonight but it has never been close to how I feel when it comes to Everton, win, lose or draw. Frankly I’m getting a little tired of the opinion police on Twitter as well, who are saying stuff like “if you are scouse and not gutted tonight or being negative then unfollow or block or just don’t speak to me”. I wish these ridiculous ego maniacs would all join an exclusive app just for them so they can be highly obnoxious to each other instead.


no balls, no everton shirt,
Just in ,
Had to shut the bar , for me to go home, had a decent night , right mix of England fans here some real bells a spurs fan who was a total [Poor language removed], a rs who was northern but said he lived in Crosby obviously a Tory [Poor language removed] , bet he said I hate Scousers when back home in whatever place sporned him
I can see why people don't like England fans the likes of them.
But myself and a former Zulu Brummie just carried on drinking and talked footy after the defeat put it down to the football god's hateing us.
Anyway still an England fan.
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