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Scouse, because we're culturally completely different from the rest of the country. Scousers are far closer to Irish people in terms of culture and mentality than we are to people in London. Also considering the way Scousers and the city are portrayed, I've never really been interested in supporting England. Strangely Scousers get treated better in Ireland and Scotland than we do in other parts of the country. I'd always define myself as British when abroad, Scouse, when in Britain. Obviously national identity is more complex in the west, in the Balkans you national identity is defined by your religion, not what country you were born in. If you're Catholic you're Croat, if your Muslim your Bosnian, if you're Orthodox you're Serb, if your ethnic Albanian (non slavic) you are Albanian. Luka Modric was born in Bosnia, so was Jelavic and a few other Croat players. So international football is considered a lot more serious than it is in Britain, so I've never really been able to get in to it. My view is I'm an Everton fan and anybody who plays against the RS, not bothered about anything else really.
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