Prince Rupert’s Tower


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It's like their new breed of fans are trying to make out we hate each other as much as the south american rivals etc.

To my family and friends it's the friendly derby - to random reds it isn't.
That's how it should be, I'm sure a lot of the animosity comes down to Social Media. I'll never forget me an my Red mate watching the 1986 Cup Final together at Wembley. Oh for those times again


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Alright lads I’ve got our back just walked past the Liverpool shop in town and let a ripper of a fart go, didn't want to get into this tit for tat but my hand has been forced.
I hope your hand had nothing to do with it


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There's a view that it was done in response to graffiti on the Klopp Mural.
The other view is that it was done by a Blue the 2nd time to gather attention and push blame on Reds.

All I know is it was clearly done by some young scal who prob knows nothing about history past 2015. It always comes back to education in the end.
Absolutely no one is saying it's due to a Hillsborough memorial being vandalised about ten years ago which most definitely wasn't by everrtonian.

Nice try.


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Definitely more on the red side. Only have to look at the incidents over the years, doesn't compare.

Liverpool fans are vile.
Come on, mate. Every single Liverpool fan isn’t vile. My Liverpool supporting friends and family certainly aren’t vile.

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