2018/19 Nikola Vlasic


Player Valuation: £10m
I would guess that Vlasic should have benefited from his time in Moscow, although their league is crap compared with ours. He can't be much worse than what we have got so give him a go next season.


Player Valuation: £8m
I want him to be given a chance same with Onyekuru as they have been playing well. Admittedly the leagues are weaker than the Premier League and they are both in dominant teams but confidence is a big thing in football. He may come back with a point to prove that he is good enough. What we know at the minute is some of the players we currently have playing are either not good enough or don't have the stomach for a fight.


Brands Only Signs BLAMMOS
Im still hopeful he'll get in the team for next season.

If we could shift Gylfi and go 433 then things could start becoming quite exciting with all these young players + more to arrive in summer.
The problem is and its the same thing with Lookman to a degree, CSKA and Redbull are very good sides in very poor leagues, both of them set up to attack and take the game to the opponents. So they are able to play pretty attacking formations, something we cant afford to do in this league.

So they stand out, of course he scored against a very poor Madrid side.

But the issue is fitting either of them into a formation that works here, its a much, much harder league also, football is easy when its played on your terms.

Cant see this fella, Lookman or the Henry fella still being here next season, think all them will look to move on for various reasons, hopefully im wrong cos they all look very talented boys, its just that we will need people to come in and hit the ground running, these boys have a lots of learning and improving to do and I doubt any of them will be willing to rotate here when they can play every week in other leagues for other teams.

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