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Saddest part is when it went 2-1 i knew we would lose. If i think that then you can bet most of the players think it aswell.


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Calvert-Lewin just isn’t good enough, especially playing up front by himself. Why haven’t we got a decent striker yet? Walcott is way past it. Sigurdsson doesn’t express his playing ability enough for the player he is. Pickford makes far too many mistakes, although I do like him but beginning to lose confidence. We are out of all competitions and no chance of finishing in a Europa spot. Yet again another season where we are saying that this season is over prematurely. I’m not a guy who calls for the managers head after some bad results but I really didn’t want Silva to begin with I just don’t rate him and I’ve been open minded to him perhaps changing my mind but it hasn’t happened. They are good individuals but it’s a soulless team and we need big changes before fans start turning their back.
DCL scored a cracker today, Walcott didn't play hardly, good stuff though.


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Letting the fat Spanish waiter and the donkey punchers win after being 2 nil up is diabolical.

Pickford can go in the bin after that performance. I honestly think that's a display that puts you one foot out the door and replaced. The first goal was disappointing but that second? Goddamn you're $#!¥ - in the same vein as the derby rickety. Cost us 3 points.

I'm all for giving Silva time but beating Cardiff and frustrating the rs won't save you from anything if we play like this afterwards. If there's a replacement ready, I'd be contemplating seriously if he gets more time.

Rotten performance Everton. Rotten


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The players, well certain players, need to shoulder a large part of the responsibility. Why the heck can't we play two good halves of football in one game?
I would suggest its not exactly a surprise that Silvas teams are mentally weak. As we have seen, the teams in the bottom 5 of the league are absolutely terrible. Therefor, in order to get relegated, what you need MORE than anything is mental strength and fortitude. Silvas last 2 teams were relegated, so Id say thats a pretty big indictment on his ability to prepare his teams for tough things.

Of course the players actually play, but there comes a time when you see something happening over, and over, and over again, with different players, and realize ultimately its the man whos 100% in charge of a performance, and not the 1 in 20 player whos 5% in charge. A good manager will shoulder responsibility, AND force certain players to shoulder their responsibility. Its the only way it gets fixed.

Blue Roo

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That's on the players today, simple as that. Capitulation started before subs started and once we start we don't stop.
You saw the capitulation.

Did you see Newcastle starting to take control of the game/be more threatening, from the start of the second half.
Newcastle finding their way, Everton losing theirs.
That's down to the managers.
When this was evident, before the first goal, is when Silva should have reacted.
It was pretty clear at this stage that Schneids should have been brought on for DCL to gain dominance in middle and deal with the width.
With Lookman to come on for Bernard as his legs ran out.
And Seamus on for Kenny to settle and who was on a yellow.

Instead, Rafa makes a sub at half time. Then a goal. Then another sub.
His response is too late, his leadership is too weak.
What does he do? He brings on MIna for Richarlison.

Yeah, keep telling yourself its on the players.


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Felt like crying and going mental at the same time. Why can't we be sensible and see the game out or kill the game off by getting a third! On way home now and got to go straight to work for a night shift :(

Btw should it have been a pen on Sigurdsson?


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I am fortunate that I am 4000 miles away, not a red ste in sight, on an island that doesn't give a toss about the premier league. Therefore, my embarrassment at the way we capitulated today, is contained to a few whatsapp txts from my red she mates.

How you lot back home are managing to cope with this season, and the utter dross that Silva and his team are serving up, is beyond me.


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Can people please now accept that Zouma is a complete liability?

Horrific performance along with the goalkeeper. It's no surprise we will continue to leak soft goals with these 2.


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Bad subs them today from marco. parking the bus that early on :red:Kenny sloppy as per usual and mina out of position constantly.

Gomes looked back to himself today on a positive note
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