New Everton Manager

Next ex-Everton manager

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Sassy Colombian

Player Valuation: £70m
and not to be patronising but that’s you whose relatively new to this , to some of us this is genuinely like taking a kicking . Being a blue is genuinely like being in an abusive relationship and every time we think they’ve changed , they haven’t
Sorry mate. I was actually thinking the same a bit ago, I really feel bad for some of you that have been following the team for ages and now have to deal with this appointment. It is like getting spit in your face.


Love Everton, Hate Benitez
There is a good line-dancing club on Rocky Lane, very friendly.
It is good and there is no bullying like the one in Hunts Cross.

Let's get this party started

Cork Evertonian

Player Valuation: £40m
Bye then Everton

It's been an emotional 47 years loving you.
Today you took that love and stamped it into the ground. I have forgiven you many many times over the years for the crap you've put me through but I cant forgive you this. Dont know what im gonna fill the massive void in my life with but I know it wont be football.

Farewell and Godspeed
Don't be silly mate. The dirty kopite rat will be gone within six months. ;)

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