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I would have liked us to try and get Ten Hag. Seems to have the right attributes and is all about developing young players. It would be a long term approach. Feels like we are throwing money at a problem that won’t go away. Mosh feels like a gambler chasing his losses!


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I’d love Conte but he’s nailed on for Spurs. I know people are saying they are losing Kane, but he will go for mega money. Conte will more than likely spend the money on Rom who will almost certainly follow him over here.


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I’d love Conte but he’s nailed on for Spurs. I know people are saying they are losing Kane, but he will go for mega money. Conte will more than likely spend the money on Rom who will almost certainly follow him over here.
Swapping Lukaku for Kane is a bad deal for Spurs.


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Thanks for that mate, and again a really interesting overview.

I am seeing a fair few comments saying that a positive of Nuno is look at the outstanding players he brought to Wolves, but it doesn't really look like he brought them per se. My understanding is similar to yours that Wolves will still get a selection of Mendes's players and there has to be some question marks as to how he would fair without that network of players. He might be fine, but it's a bit of a risk factor to me. It seems like he has a decent relationship with Mendes, but I doubt he will be able to replicate what has gone on at Wolves.

What do you think went wrong for Nuno? Do you think he hit a glass ceiling as to where his football would take him? The risk here for us, is we finished with 59 points last season, and I'm not entirely convinced that Nuno is going to be able to take a side much beyond that (if that makes sense?) I am probably a bit more sympathetic to him than you and will give him more mitigation- losing those 2 lads was massive for Wolves, but it does appear like some of the rot had set in?

I'm not surprised Wolves are doing that. Everton are quite a strange and small c conservative club at board level and they rarely look for managers outside of the UK. We are in quite a unique position in that we have finished in the top 4 once and not been relegated in 60 odd years, and there is always this caution to how we do things. I mean it's almost a statistical impossibility over 30 years to do both of those things and a lot of that is reflected in the outlook of the Chairman Kenwright who just won't take risks.

You will probably laugh but I'd want us to to at least have a dart at a Ten Haag, a Gasperini or Galtier. 10m quid p/a might tempt them. If not I'd prefer either Favre or Rangnick who have managed big clubs in Germany/France. That's not meant as any offence to Wolves, but you guys rode the crest of a wave with Nuno, which in a lot of ways is the easy bit, but going from say 7-10th to the top 6 becomes a lot harder.

It seems a good time to move him on for Wolves. You are right to say what you do about a small squad, I remember he did that with Wolves and remember thinking once some injuries hit, he will struggle. But that system he had you playing when first got promoted was fantastic.
I'd wonder how Brands would feel if Nuno kept going to Mendes? It's no coincidence that all Nuno's jobs so far have been at Mendes clubs, so be interesting to see how that dynamic works for you.

There's a few reasons why it went on. It may be a glass ceiling, and it's worth noting that Nuno said we needed to adapt to compete. But, it also may be injuries, and Nuno had such a good relationship with the fans and he hated (didn't we all) behind closed doors football. It really impacted him. So, some Wolves fans hoped it was as simple as bringing Jimenez back and a full crowd would've made everything better, and it genuinely might've. Also, we had played non-stop and had virtually no pre-season, it was something ridiculous as three days, so that didn't help too.

But things had gone flat, and it probably was just a case of freshening things up.

Yeah I get your point with the type of manager you want and agree that the next step is the hardest. Interesting times ahead for both clubs this summer!
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