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Ive got a higher opinion on the majority of our fans to think that we'd get behind him if it happened. There's more posturing about fans binning off watching us if Rafael got the job as it's not real. Different thing if he did sign and was wheeled out holding the scarf

It would turn toxic quicker if things started to get difficult than usual though.
I haven't, as soon as he is announced in that first game i imagine the majority of the fans will voice their displeasure. Will get worse from there on, i am looking forward to the first pass back to Pickford from a free kick


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How long will you give him? 5 games, 10 games, the whole season? Will you give him as long as you gave Koeman or Silva?
1 season is an absolute bare minimum - unless it's going so catastrophically wrong that we're clearly getting relegated if something isn't done.
I'm generally fairly patient in terms of managers. I think with Martinez I first wanted him out (reluctantly) some time around Kiev away - late second season. Even then I didn't fully campaign for it and wanted him to turn it around deep down as I liked him deep down.

Koeman I wanted out around the time we sacked him - and even though I never loved the guy, I always felt he was somewhat a victim of an awful fixture list and then horrendous recruitment by Walsh. And we lost Rom who was holding us together really.

Allardyce - well - no-one really wanted him but I was never baying for his blood because I felt he did exactly what we asked him to do, and probably a bit better than we expected. I wasn't remotely unhappy to see him sacked, but there's an argument for him being given longer as he didn't do a lot wront tbh.

Silva - I felt he went around the right time. He had a decent first season but clearly lost his way and didn't look like he had what it took to turn it around.

Ancelotti - I never wanted him to go and I was advocating heavily for to be given time.

Frankly what Everton need more than anything is a steady hand at the wheel - someone who gets time to build something, with a plan. I hate sacking managers and we're absolutely worse of for having done it so much in recent seasons. Our squad is a complete hodge-podge if disjointed ideas from very different managers - few of which have worked.

Ideally - whoever our manager is - I'd want them to have a minimum of 18 months before being at risk of losing their job. The very fact that you'd suggest 5-10 games as a reasonable period to judge a manager says a lot about where we've gotten to.

We're a mess and we need stability. All this noise and protest is going to lead us into an even greater mess if we're not careful


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the risk we take with him is less than with Nuno or Potter. We've got a toxic squad, and we are going to need a very strong character to deal with it. We finished the season comfortably the worst team in the division, with the team split into distinct camps and obvious bad blood.
He's not going to sort out the squad in the 7 or 8 weeks he'll have of the transfer window. The last "very strong character" we had to sort out the squad failed miserably and had no baggage along with him and the fans turned on him in little over a year. Benitez will be lucky to get three months and only that long because one and a half of them will be pre-season. It's a stupid and divisive appointment that will drive a wedge between the club and the fans for a very slim chance if success.


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Got them promoted and then stable in the Prem when he left, not sure what else you want him to do ?

Biggest thing for me is what the fans think and they seem to love him
They wouldn't have him back though. They love him cause he stayed with them. But they tell you the football was awful.


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The season they were relegated, the only 2 big sales were wijinaldum and sissoko. (And Newcastle fans really didn't like sissoko). The other 10 players to leave, were older or contracts were left to expire. I have checked it out.

He was given the same amount of money on average per window as Bruce has been. Its a myth he wasn't backed.
He wasn't !.
Although I don't want him , check his overall spend re transfers in and out , it was pennies , like when Moyes was here.
Check with the Newcastle fans. They want him back


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Hasn’t won a major pot in 8 years, last job was the Chinese retirement league
Yer true that but it's like Mourinho hasnt won anything in 5 years now and people call him past it but I would have took him. Got a good feeling for some reason. Wish we were appointing someone the fans got behind though


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Two things guaranteed, safety first, snoozefest football and an Everton manager whose 'main' team will always be LFC. Just feels like another Carlo 'using us' kind of appointment, In Benitez's case it's handy 'cos it's a short trip through the tunnel instead of China or Newcastle.


Player Valuation: £20m
He wasn't !.
Although I don't want him , check his overall spend re transfers in and out , it was pennies , like when Moyes was here.
Check with the Newcastle fans. They want him back
No they don't. I speak to newcastle fans every day. I see their Facebook fan pages appearing on my feed every day. They all bang on about how dull the football was.

And I don't care about net spend. He spent £153m in 6 windows. That's a hell of a lot of money on transfers. You can literally check it on transfermarkt.


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