New Everton Manager

Next ex-Everton manager

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Player Valuation: £80m
I don’t really think a few graffiti daubed bedsheets really constitutes “kopite behaviour”.

robbing your own fans, attacking rival teams coaches, trying to set the city’s iconic building ablaze and various other much worse misdemeanours and you might be onto something!
There's kids walk past those banners with the effs and cees on them.

None of us want Benitez. I dont feel represented by those banners though. Do you?


Player Valuation: £20m
I honestly don't think they are mate.
I think that they are playing it right , keep our cards close to our chest.
Us fans have no idea what is going on , the bookies have absolutely no idea , as the odds wildly flip flop every day.
I think it puts the club in the best position in the drive to recruit the best person.
the club putting the fans into a complete nervous mess for no reason at all? Yeah I can believe that.


Player Valuation: £950k
It was shock when Carlo left. I was happy for them to take as long as they needed. But this just feels inept and rudderless.

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