Moyes to Atletico Madrid?

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Arteta's Girl

Player Valuation: £950k
Apparently they have been in contact with us about the possibility of him taking over next season..:blink::oops:


I believe this is kind of a 'Sunday Supplement' type programme in Spain.
Would be mad to see Moyes managing on the continent. Wonder how many of our players he would take with him if he left.


"Dabid Moyerz supremo de Atletico Madrid. Que? Por favor! You-o are habin a geeraffa"

2012/2013 : Moyes signs for Atletico. Takes Anichebe with him. Starts playing Atletico 4-5-1 with Anichebe up front.
2013/2014 : Atletico win the Copa del rey, Anichebe top scorer ahead of Ronaldo and Messi.
2014/2015 : Atletico win the league, clear by 10 points. Anichebe wins the golden boot, Moyes manager of the year.
2015/2016 : Barca and Real start using 4-5-1. They do not however, have the power of big vic, and Atletico still win the league, cup and Champions league, with Anichebe clearing 200 goals in one season.
2016/2017 : Everton promoted from Championship back into top flight. Tony Hibbert is our new manager.
Pahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha!! Funniest thing i ever heard!!

What makes it worse is Atletico are my Spanish team!! I can't get rid of him!!
So. We get taken over. Moyes gets a hefty January budget and buys five Bilys, then leaves for Atletico in the summer.

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