2019/20 Moise Kean

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Player Valuation: £70m
So because Grealish has had a better season hes allowed to be an Idiot, but Moise cant make mistakes cause hes been poor?

Clearly if a player is being a nob and also not performing it’s going to be unlikely many fans want him to stick around. Grealish’s behaviour was moronic and he was rightfully slated but at least in return Villa have seen good performances.


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In what way is he like balotelli? So far he's not nearly as talented. Is it just because he's young and Italian?
No. It's because he's young, black and italian let's be honest. Id say he's much more similar to Grealish.
What on earth has any of this to do with race....absolutely nothing. Balotelli is used because he took no notice of anyone, flaunted club rules and never achieved his potential. Being black is of no consequence unless of course you see racism in every last thing, if so your comments are tainted and not worthy of response.
I hope the Don makes him an offer he can't refuse resulting in him leaving.


Player Valuation: £6m
He's a kid of 19-20, with more money than sense. Lets be honest we all did things we now regret when we were young. (I'm 47 now) I think we'll sell him when sooner than later, while he still has a value. Having said that if the season does start again, he should be dropped to the Under 23's and made to work and train with them. We're only allowed to fine him 2 weeks wages. May be the making of him, although i doubt it and he's likely sulk.


Player Valuation: £70m
No offence taken. Being entirely truthful here, I would (and do) have the same opinion of pretty much anyone who isn't maintaining the required social-distancing.

The fact that Kean, like other footballers, most probably live in large, luxurious homes with ample space and facilitates only adds weight to the argument.

I'm not advocating him losing his career or whatnot, nothing of the sort, but in this instance he's been a bellend and there should be a consequences of some sort.

Also, I personally do not think it's either unrealistic or unjust to discuss this in a wider context if it's pertinent to his development, more so if it involves the club.

@GrandOldTeam mentioned other examples and it builds a picture that isn't particularly great. He's young, he can still learn and develop, but that's up to him.

Over the years, we've all seen countless footballers who've had an abundance of ability, but not the mindset to harness it; I sincerely hope Moise isn't one of them.

In reality, all I'm really bothered about is Moise firstly being successful here or secondly we're able to recap (or improve) our investment on him - that's up to him.

I acknowledge he made a mistake and there will be punishment, he will be fined two weeks wages and i imagine that will make its way to the NHS or EITC. No muss no fuss, we move on.

I dont think income comes into it, you can feel alone in a big house or a small one, thats a broad judgment and stereotyping again.

But here's a different spin to counter that. The lad is Italian, maybe he has friends, family people he knows effected or impacted by the horror thats gone on over there and sitting alone in his big house, without support or an out let and hes made the wrong choice with blowing of steam or holding his stress. I dont really know - but if we are being presumptive thats as likely as anything.

Id say parents around the country are having trouble controlling leary 20 yer olds in their homes, imagine then handing them 50k a week, and telling them to stay inside and see what happens. Should we really be that surprised.

Maybe the club needs to look at themselves here to, i think they were very quick to come out with a statement and i think it was very strongly worded, perhaps overly so. What have we done to create a support system for this lad during this - they are very clearly uniuqe times and no doubt everyone is feeling there way in the dark, but perhaps the club need to do more with someone who fits Moise's social profile.

You are right, when you make a mistake you either learn or continue to make it, thats one of the problems with being human we all have to face, but its natural developmental stage heading toward adulthood, whether you are footballer or not that is something we all have to do, its to early to type cast Mosie in my opinion.

Personally id disagree with GOT, i think the evidence is anecdotal;, there is a presumption he was taken of because of attitude after coming on, but really Duncan explained that wasn't the case. Hes young and foolish and has a smart phone. I actually think hes handled a lot of stuff really well, that taking off for a start, being dropped from match day squads, his Dad in the media, a year not working out for him here in a new country, a change of manager, etc.

Hes just gone 20. I think our expectations of signing him were to high, he is very very young still. Im not prepared to write of a just gone 20 year old, either from a sporting point of view or as a character and i think some of the judgement written here in 24 hours are overly judgmental and are anecdotal and maybe unfair on him.
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Non Evertonian so a non bias view.

Unfortunately I'm way past being around 20 years of age and cos of this VERY sad fact I'm sure that's a big reason why I am 100% adhering to all the social rules being asked.
Looking back, would I have done so. I know I would have tried but I really don't know but I do know but I know I would have tried?
If I was living on my own in a foreign country, would I have broken some rules?
Even just the fact that I was nowhere near home/family or friends, I think that would have made me feel even isolated than if I was in my home area locked down. Add in the fact that I would have been desperate to sow my wild oats I think there would have been a fair chance I would have broke the rules for this reason alone.
He may be a let down as a footballer, he may be a bit of a letdown as a person but maybe he should be judged on the facts alone and not being a footballer?
One thing I do know for sure. If my mum had found out some of the things I was doing at that age she would not have been pleased!

EDIT; While writing my post out, Neiler has, two posts above, has also written some of the same opinion about the fact he's miles from home, on he's own and he needs to be given some slack.
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Player Valuation: £70m
This shows everything that is wrong in today's society , a young footballer earning millions just for being over hyped , couldnt care less about the situation we are living in , and has no respect for those risking their lives on the frontlines to earn a tiny fraction of what he is on !

Just going to ignore the fact he donated PPE equipment to his home country then?


Player Valuation: £70m
Stop trying to compare what he’s done to other things done by other players. He’s an absolute knobhead for doing what he did and with previous comments regarding his attitude by Ancelotti it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that people might be a bit worried.

However, it also doesn’t mean we should “tear up his contract” or “sell him right away”. Give him the punishment he deserves and make him give a huge donation to the NHS/Donkey Sanctuary/Strippers Anonymous/Me and move on.
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