2019/20 Moise Kean

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bag a yoko

Player Valuation: £8m
What on earth has any of this to do with race....absolutely nothing. Balotelli is used because he took no notice of anyone, flaunted club rules and never achieved his potential. Being black is of no consequence unless of course you see racism in every last thing, if so your comments are tainted and not worthy of response.
I hope the Don makes him an offer he can't refuse resulting in him leaving.
Firstly balotelli had an excellent career. Was vastly superior to Kean at that age. The comparisons to balotelli started in the Italian media and the reason he was not compared to cassano or the many other young Italian players who partied too much is purely his race.


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Stop trying to compare what he’s done to other things done by other players. He’s an absolute knobhead for doing what he did and with previous comments regarding his attitude by Ancelotti it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that people might be a bit worried.

However, it also doesn’t mean we should “tear up his contract” or “sell him right away”. Give him the punishment he deserves and make him give a huge donation to the NHS/Donkey Sanctuary/Strippers Anonymous/Me and move on.
Multiple offences for club and country how many chances do you give him on top of having a shocking goal scoring record


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Spot on.

@Neiler you talk about footballers being perceived or labelled as role-models, which is in turn true, but I think most people are looking at this in general terms.

We have a youngish lad (twenty odd) who lives behind us, and if he broke social-distancing procedures and had a massive party I'd think he was a bellend.

Whether Moise plays for Everton or if he's away from his home country and family etc. is irrelevant, he's a bellend for doing it; rightly, he should be reprimanded.

The footballing ability is a totally different matter, which I am undecided, but it's not unrealistic to relate success versus his overall attitude or professionalism.
"Massive party" haha.


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He's had a little soiree, and helped keep a section of the local economy going.

Calvin Aldi

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Every time I go out for a walk I see groups of 7 or 8 lads, probably around the same age all out on bikes. They can't all be from the same household and most of them have parents in the same household who should be telling them to not go out.

While what Kean did was ridiculously stupid people shouldn't be wanting him crucified.

He's a young lad on his own in a foreign country and probably very lonely as well as frustrated that his career has stalled. He should be disciplined and fined as well as be made to make a donation to the NHS, but what he did is no worse than young lads are doing every day up and down the country.


All I ask is an empty road.

But being young is all about learning from making mistakes. Hopefully he's keeping notes and will take his punishment like a man. Like it or not with that wealth comes the responsibility of being a positive role model.
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