2019/20 Michael Keane


House of Correction
Accept our losses again and move on...if the new manager wants to survive he needs to insist we buy a new centre back in January... Tired of wasting time with championship players...

if Brands can't identify a better centre back than Keane, and get a deal done, then I have no idea what he does..

If Brands can't identify a holding midfielder also, then let's just send him packing too..
I doubt we'll be signing a holding midfielder in January seeing as that's when Gbamin is due back.


Player Valuation: £35m
I doubt we'll be signing a holding midfielder in January seeing as that's when Gbamin is due back.
He'll literally have to do a preseason before he's worth a damn...and even then we have no idea if he's gonna handle this league..

We need another one anyways... Lost Gana and Mccarthy...Delph is predictably always injured, and Sneiderlin is Sneiderlin...

It's a hugely important position for us because our backline can't defend, so they need as much protection as possible..


Player Valuation: £70m
We payed a lot for him. Hopefully the new manager can restore his confidence and find a way/system to play him in that makes him look good again. And then sell him on for a decent price. At this rate, I seriously doubt we would get much more than a few pennies for him.
Unfortunately I think the only way to make him appear good again would be to play an Uber deep defensive line with a leader right next to him which realistically just isn’t going to happen.


Player Valuation: £1.5m
Be arsed watching this lads arms flailing all over the place like Graham Norton

Premier League player no chace

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