Matías Vecino

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Player Valuation: £70m
For Uruguay Toreira, Valverde and Bentancur are all way ahead of him ability wise.

For Inter Brozovic is back to his best and Barella is way better...

Cant see this one being true unless his wages are low and were selling 2 centre mids.


Player Valuation: £70m
After looking at his YouTube clip, he doesn't look slow at all. Unless he's had a leg off since Zat. lol Looks very good on the ball and can beat a man.
Hes an average - good all rounder...hes not 'rapid'.

Id say hes quicker than Gomes but not as good a passer...better at tackling but no real snide like Gomes.

Could be a back up to Gomes i suppose but seems a bit pointless to me...signing doesnt make much sense.

But hey who knows :)


Player Valuation: £70m
Similar to Gomes but carries the ball much better. If we’re going to go for such player, might as well go for ndombele. Much more physical and explosive. Ndombele tonali combination will be awesome.
Is the correct answer...kind of.

I think when on form Gomes is another level or three better...players bounce off him when going forward. Passing is better as wwll.

This guy better all rounder though i reckon.

Not a wow signing...
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