2019/20 Marco Silva

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Player Valuation: £70m
Zat, thats a man who knows what hes talking about...?

Inabit knobhead
Look how nervous he was then clapping trying to encourage the players. What a loser.
Absolutely Clueless
Is this a joke?
40 mins left of his Everton career.

The big clubs will be lining up for him I’m sure @Zatara
Marcel is sorting out his P45 now
No he really is a Clueless bell
Great half time team talk
Utter clown

Insert appropriate emoji here...

How about...


Draw here is respectable.

Draw away, win at home.

No way we change managers anytime soon.

What's repugnant though is some Everton supporters wallowing in a conceded goal to suit their agendas.
True Dave, 3pts home 1pt away is decent...

Schneiderlin + Silva. Best combination ever to achieve relegation.

Can’t believe you think 3 points against them is an achievement for Silva.
jesus christ
Why has he not made subs yet. Infuriating.
Not with the home record they have in this relegation 6 pointer
Surely u know by now he is a reactive manager. So he will wait till we go 2 -1 down as usual.. It will be soon.
koff dave, these are pathetic and it’s embarrassing we’re drawing
Absolute state of this post, and you wonder why people think your a kopite
Ive been reluctantly backing him but if we end up losing this, I'm in the Silva out group. He always makes subs too late and if costs us.
He doesn’t know what to do. We’re being overran and he is absolutely stuck for ideas
More lol

Not sure any of you watched the match...

Let me guess, he’s stood on the touch line completely passionless, with his arms folded looking clueless?
Well, you didnt lol

He was all action today, screaming at the ref, 4th official...animated like Mourinho and thats no exageration...

Even went loco at Davies near the end for feigning cramp...

As it stands this fantastic 1-1 draw at soton is gonna be enough for him to keep his job.
Should never have been allowed to fester for so long.

Everyone knew he was done at the international break but we dithered
Nah, 12 points from 12 games will see this clown off
Our board does not have the wherewithal to appoint someone better
he’s done a bit of shouting but he’s completely lost for ideas to turn this around. Doing his like for like changes even though we’re being overrun
Leicester City beat them 9-0 here two weeks ago, and a draw is acceptable? My god man, you suck so much.

But i guess it is anything to save your Iberian prince. You have to be an absolute coward of a human being to be remotely interested in seeing this sniveling little b____ continue as our manager. The man couldn't inspire a toddler. We play slow, scared and cowardly all the time. And it is directly related to his tactics and player selection. Silva seems like a nice enough guy, but not a football manager. He'd do well as a pre-school teacher.
It’s not acceptable though. This is an Everton forum, not an amusement for some kopite bell winding everybody up.
I'll take Moyes today over this absolute clueless moron.
okay maybe next week
I don't think it will cus the clowns at boardroom level won't do anything
May get lucky today but he can’t be allowed to carry on much longer
Quite a lot of places to watch an UTTERLY DOMINANT professional away performance...

Could have scored 5 or 6.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Absolute masterclass from Silva
Top manager....

Somewhere in Glasgow, a ginger man weeps silently and turns off his phone.

Last 5 games:

3 wins
1 draw
1 loss

Crisis, what crisis?
Should be 5 wins but for VAR cheating us.

Beat Norwich and we’re on the tales of the top 6
24 shots at goal.

UTTERLY DOMINANT...for those negative posters agenda driven ranting nonsense...

Prediction: we'll win the derby.

It's one of those seasons.
Wheres the silva haters now?? 3 points off 5th not too bad going I'd say
(Black Knight voice) “He’s invincible!“
In that draw we should of had a pen for handball

In that loss VAR admit they shouldn't have gave pen

People need to get behind Silva now as we've got a big month coming up and Hughes is stood on Goodison road
We utterly controlled that game start to finish. Be proud.
he won it you wet one
Howard K mk1 wasn't far off the shove either before the Oxford game. Just sayin
You sound disappointed mate.

I'm elated.
It's amazing because I don't think he's doing a good job, I think he was a wee bit fortunate today but on the whole he's been mostly unfortunate and the last 2 games previous today we were undeniably robbed of 4 to 6 points by VAR. Adding in 4 extra points and we are sitting 6th or so right now. All I'm saying is as tough as it has been to this point, we aren't that bad and sacking Silva would not be a good move at present.
Can’t argue there hasn’t been a reaction the last severaL games, not bad considering the injury crisis we’re going through as well
Midtable we are now. One win from 5th place.
I am not Silva in nor out, I just want to see us win. We did so enjoy & knock the moaning on the head for a day at least ffs
All you can do is win them.

As said above: one win from 5th place now.

But for the CHEATS at the FA we would be 2pts clear in 5th now...5pts ROBBED.

Top top manager....

Motm for me....

Davies or Holgate...

Im torn...


Player Valuation: £70m
...and yet we're in the QFs of the LC and 3 points off 5th.
Ah so it's three points now, not "one win". Nice to see you correcting yourself when you're wrong.

Yes both of those things are true.

Helps when you're in November and have only played 1 (2 at a push) decent team in any competition so far this season.

Dave dawson

Player Valuation: £500k
Just watched 17 th play 18th and for a long time could not decide which one of these teams could be relegated, thank god we managed to get the win, this result might keep Silva in the job for now but the big boys are coming and if we carry on playing like this he will not see Christmas. I would love to see us get a few more wins but the way this manager plays I have no confidence that we will get results. It is gradually becoming apparent that Moshiri is finally seeing the same as the majority of the fans so it will not be long before Silva is shown the door. Sooner rather than later.


Player Valuation: £80m
Ah so it's three points now, not "one win". Nice to see you correcting yourself when you're wrong.

Yes both of those things are true.

Helps when you're in November and have only played 1 (2 at a push) decent team in any competition so far this season.
It is what it is: we are within touching distance of a Euro spot....and two wins from Wembley.
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