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I do believe now that MS will be in charge against West Ham , but even comments he has made himself makes it very clear that time is running out for him and only immediate and drastic improvement in form may save him.

I do believe that we are sounding out potential replacements and we have seen recently it is unlikely any information about that will leak out.

At least there is mention of exciting and successful managers like the man at Ajax being mentioned and that is hopeful for the future.


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I don’t think any of the teams listed looked better than us when we played them. Apart from Watford they rode their luck and got the results due to us being poor in both boxes but in general, we looked better than them all.

That shouldn’t distract from us underperforming and looking way below were we should be but we were still better than the teams listed.
Two of them beat us, one took a point from us and the other we really struggled against? They dont just look better, they play better and win better

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Player Valuation: £70m
Two of them beat us, one took a point from us and the other we really struggled against? They dont just look better, they play better and win better
I am not defending Silva here. It is becoming apparent that he is as stubborn in his beliefs and his loyalty to certain players as Martinez was, and it is that which will ultimately prove to be his downfall. I was a big supporter of his to start off with but now I also think he should go because I doubt very much he will change.

But, quite simply, there are 2 reasons why we are in the position we are in now. Firstly, we haven't hit the target enough with the opportunities we have had. And secondly, defending set pieces. And both of those are down to Silva, especially the second. He has broken up the best left sided partnership in the league, he continues to not play Kean, and he continues to play Schneiderlin. I'd have Beni in the team before him every day of the week.

But Boris is right, of the teams we have played, none of them have played us off the park and none of them you could hands down say they deserved to win. They may have outfought us and wanted it more, and they may have done their homework on Everton and set pieces. But had we taken a fraction of the very good chances that came our way we could very easily be sitting in second position in the league right now rather than in the relegation zone.

Had we done so I fear that would have just been papering over the crack in Silva's armour though. So maybe it is for the best that we are where we are and we bring somebody in who can get the best out of our players, because I do still believe that we have a very decent squad at our disposal. Some weak area's but overall we have a squad that should have been mounting a challenge on the top 6 this season. A champions league space is very much up for grabs and I am disappointed that we have already lost any chance of grabbing it with less than a quarter of the season gone.


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Winning against West Ham isn't going to convince me that he has a clue about what he's doing.

Got to laugh at people(@davek) saying this is all down to not signing a Zouma and Gueye replacement as if either of them positions explains how utterly dire we are at creating quality chances and scoring goals. That's all down to Silva's crap tactics and persistence of 2 defensive midfielders behind a useless Sigurdsson.


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Big Roger said it spot on - football is a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you get a proven manager through the door - you win more games, attract better players and will fill BMD.

if you keep accepting mediocrity or gambles like Silva - your results are patchy, you dont get the best out your squad and come BMD the demand wont be there.

Sadly the legion of doom (Moshiri, Kenwrong, Brands, Denise) cant seem to grasp this basic concept.



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I can see how this ends. Scrapes a result against the Hammers. Then loses to Watford and is sacked.
I know the answer.


Does he not deserve to stay in the cup, seems as tho its him that took us this far?

I mean most people said at the start of the season they would be willing to finish 17th if it meant we won a cup.
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