2019/20 Marco Silva


Player Valuation: £70m
He can't survive this.

It's a shame as he's clearly a coach who improves players and the players want to play for him.

But he's tactically hopeless.

I hate that we're in this position and it's horrible but we're going to have to start again because unfortunately we simply can't risk it. Another expensive mistake.

We need better people making better positions. Brands' hands aren't clean in this either. Massive failings on his part and he has to come under scrutiny. Unfortunately we need him in as a bit of stability.

Silva needs to be out of the door by tomorrow. The replacement needs to be in place by the time the players get back.


Player Valuation: £25m
My whole point.

The longer it goes on, focus will start to go to Brands.

8 games . 7 points. Brands doesnt call zonal marking. Brands doesnt make the call in 2 holding midfielders that slows all our play. Brands isnt the one with no plan b.

For me this is marco. He is doing a martinez all over. Slow play. Sideways passing. 5 mins into the match it was clear to all. We werent going to change a tactic that hasnt worked. Slow. Slow. Slow.
A corner in the first half we left back post runner totally free. Zonal marking lol. Nobody taking responsibility. He nearly scored. Second half he did.

Brands doesnt make this stubborn calls. Marco does.


Player Valuation: £10m
League is finished, we wont do anything but get him out and let's atleast try win a cup. No matter if he turns this form around, say we got to a final, all the opposing team has to do is ping balls at the back stick during set pieces and theyll score. We are so predictable it's actually laughable. I just cannot phathom how we are talking about sacking the manager and being 17th in the league after the opening games weve had. He just needs to be gone its clear as day.

Will be gone in the next couple of days. Cannot and should not survive.

Here is our progress 46 games into his reign. Makes me wanna cry just looking at it and especially when you think how kind the fixtures were for the start of this season. Could even be in the zone tomorrow. So depressing.


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