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Player Valuation: £35m
Because he's a clueless buffoon mate who's also badly advised by that snake Kenwright.

When you dont look any further than your nose for a manager you'll never go anywhere.
I would agree there alright.

The bloke from Preston.

The guy from Wigan.

The chap from Southampton.

Old proverbial Big Sam.

The lad who was at Watford.

We don't exactly scour the globe for a manager.


No it's the club as a whole. The mentality from top to bottom. Playing staff don't change that.

When you replace Baines and Jagielka with two players from Barcelona and there's no difference whatsoever to the mentality on the pitch, you don't look to the playing staff for the answer.

These aren't bad players. They just have come into an environment where you aren't pushed to be the best you can be.
You only had to read the Barca forums on both players.

They were literally ecstactic they were gone from their club and wanting to pay their air fares as well.
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