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Player Valuation: £35m
It is certainly worrying.

Would love to be a fly on the wall for conversations between Brands and Silva.

Nobody bought into the myth that Brands was on board with Silva in the first place.

It was presented as a fait accompli.


Player Valuation: £8m
No it's the club as a whole. The mentality from top to bottom. Playing staff don't change that.

When you replace Baines and Jagielka with two players from Barcelona and there's no difference whatsoever to the mentality on the pitch, you don't look to the playing staff for the answer.

These aren't bad players. They just have come into an environment where you aren't pushed to be the best you can be.
When the owner comes out with "expected loss" statements and appoints managers solely on the basis of them doing well for 10 games with a mid table side what else do you expect...

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
No matter if its silva or not,this team never seem to respond to anything,and most of the time despite having decent players,never seem to click,if they did get rid of him,which they wont,it would be another pile of changes etc again,never ending,team needs to stick and listen lol


Formerly known as By God I'm Blue
its been a very strange first half to the season,but at least we are decent to watch again sometimes.

I refuse to write him off after 19 games. we need strikers and to tighten up at the back. we have some decent players, we need to stop making it easy for the opposition like we have today.


Allardyce Out
When the owner comes out with "expected loss" statements and appoints managers solely on the basis of them doing well for 10 games with a mid table side what else do you expect...
What's happened is you have Pickford make that howler in the derby, and the players collectively have figured it's one of "those" seasons that is a write-off and, while not downing tools, they've mentally packed it in.

Because as a club there's no pressure to succeed. It wouldn't and indeed doesn't happen at Liverpool, because no matter how bad their playing staff is, they're compelled to give it everything and compete at all times.

We simply don't. We haven't for many years. It's ingrained in the club from top to bottom. The hope is Moshiri and Brands would work to change that, and there's some encouragement to be found for that - but then as you say you get the "expected loss" comment and that opens the mentality as it currently stands.

If we were competing properly, no loss is expected. But we're not.
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