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Player Valuation: £70m
...the thing was that after 5 months in the job a man was getting pushed out of the club...having already shown against top clubs that he could set up and match threm.


We were about *this* close from becoming Geordies.
To many lads who consider Jamie Redknapp, Thierry Henry and the Soccer Saturday Panel as something more sage then a whiff of urine and hair gel. Football was football long before and after Sky got his mits on it, but to many blow in the wind with what’s drip fed by the media.

The signs have been there since the first Chelsea game.

With a rag tag bunch of limited players poorly put together he’s got them playing collectively and cohesively better then they should be and getting results.

Not only that we are playing with imagination and creativity, he is getting the best out of and improving almost every player that historically struggled and collectively we look like a team.

Whisper it but Everton just might live up to our historcal identity, it might actually be fun following us again.

Add and grow in the summer, we still have a limited squad in my opinion.
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Player Valuation: £6m
The swing in this has been mad.

I’ll admit. I never wanted him here. It’ll take more than this recovery to change my vote. We need to sustain some form of consistency over Xmas...then I’ll consider it


The swing in this has been mad.

I’ll admit. I never wanted him here. It’ll take more than this recovery to change my vote. We need to sustain some form of consistency over Xmas...then I’ll consider it
up to much this weekend ste ?? chorley ?


I think vaulting is boring and simplistic, give people a chance to change their mind and let their opinion evolve. I was not enthusiastic about Silva either but he’s started turning it around.
don't be afraid of a good old vaulting... 99% of us in here have slugged Silva at some point.


Player Valuation: £70m
It’s all about stability, he needs time and he will get that and we will reap the benefits, obviously it’s just my opinion. But you have to like what you see they way we’re trying to play. Rome wasn’t built in a day


Player Valuation: £70m
Any one been taking names, any one from above (or similiar) from less than 1 month ago prepare to revise their marvellous all knowing football insight
Look at the results between the break till now. It is a dramatic change.

Having said that, I am happy to be proved wrong because it means Everton keep winning.

Now 7th is here to take.

Baines' left foot

Player Valuation: £70m
No it's the pressure being off. The players are cowards when it matters.

"Unlikely to get Europe, already got 40 points - boss, let's play now!"
I don’t think it’s fair to blame that on Silva. It’s a mentality issue that’s deeply rooted within the club. How many times under Moyes did we have a disappointing start only to have a late surge around March/April, resulting in people talking about us as an outside chance for top 4 (or top 6 as it is now), only for us to fall short?
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