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Player Valuation: £70m
bit deep for a Football forum :rolleyes:
I agree - the last few months I've been labelled a kopite, wished ill on etc.

Lesson in life respect everyones opinions regardless of how much they may annoy you. Otherwise dont cry arse when you insult someone that much they eventually bite back :pint2:

Eagle Eye

Player Valuation: £750k
Wanted him gone a few weeks back. Jury is still out, but I have to hand it to him in the way he has got the team playing in the last 2 and a half games. The calibre of opposition beaten has been the most impressive thing and DCL energy has been a massive factor.

Still think we can be a bit spineless against some of the more physical teams and also think we have some fair weather players. No coincidence that when the temperatures drop, so do some of the performances.

But for me, Silva has earnt a death row reprieve for now. Next hearing due around October time. Over to you Marcel....


(ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
He deserves credit for improving us defensively since the Millwall debacle.

5 clean sheets in 6 is a pretty impressive stat and very unexpected. There is bite and intensity to us in the last month that was sorely lacking during the winter. We look like we actually want to win a challenge now.
I think we've conceded 12 goals in 2019, Joint with Liverpool but more than City and United? Something like that.
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