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Player Valuation: £70m
I don’t want Europa again it’s my opinion, when we was in it last time it was just killing the squad. Yearh he’s had some obvious team selections, trying to find the right balance etc, and the defending has been questionable. But he’s come in with 3 previous managers squads so he needs to build his own! A striker, sign Gomez, and some more decent squad players, possible right back cover and left back, sign zouma and it’s a start!
We have to start somewhere but we should concentrate on PL if possible even we make EL.


id like to just celebrate gerri very wind netting a third against wolves here.... well in gerri, lets hope it derails this wolves team and we can go 8th !


I am very happy if this good form continues. We should do this consistently given the squad we have.
yes we had a very bad 3 or 4 month spell where our manager badly let us down, and couldn't get the team motivated.

that holiday when we should still have been in the FA Cup seems to have reignited the desire back in the team.

lets hope we don't need early cup exists and mid season holidays every year

Darth Toffeeman

Player Valuation: £60m
Big test today. Arsenal have been flying recently and we made them look ordinary, even with a patched up central defence.

Signs are encouraging. I really want an away win at Spurs before the season ends.

I don't want to switch my vote incase I jinx us, but Marco has done well recently.

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