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Player Valuation: £8m
So you're actively hoping or manager fails so you can tell all the dars at the pub that you knew he wasn't the man for the job. Ridiculous.
There is a difference between hoping and expecting.

If you've ever experienced a family member or mate fall head over heels for a wrong'un who messes them about but is always taken back - thats Silva in my eyes. You can put a fake smile on but you know its only a matter of time before they mess up again.

Thats where im at with Marco whilst the flip flappers are the parents living in false hope that he's finally changed his ways because he bought us some nice flowers (Chelsea result).


Player Valuation: £40m
Bizarrely Martinez maintained ok approval ratings even after two back to back seasons of bottom half finishes and turgid football. Koeman lost all fan backing after a couple of months on the back of a decent season. Allardyce never had it from the second he arrived. Silva seems to have been on a watching brief from the moment he arrived despite arguably having a better pedigree than Martinez or Moyes had when he arrived. There’s just no predicting this fan base.

For my own tuppence worth I think Silva has reacted well to the fan pressure and has worked on turning things around. He’s fronted up to the media when needed to and managed to dig results out every time we get close to a meltdown. There’s something to be said for that.
A couple of blues who I know who didn’t like him warmed a bit too him when he was a bit narky in press conferences , I think it it was leading up to the derby . If we’d hung on against Newcastle I think he’d be doing even better , he was suffering from bad feeling from all the managers you quoted just a general malaise. Seems to be going a little bit in the right direction , roll on next season and see what happens .


Player Valuation: £8m
Or you could just be happy for him to turn it around.
What a strange attitude you have.
Turned what around?

We are 11th and a defeat at West Ham will have the flip flappers back to wanting him out.

Martinez won the occasional big game and the same idiots no doubt heralded him as the next Guardiola despite consistent bottom half finishes.

I look at the bigger picture and record books whilst others forge opinion game by game same with some of our players.

Coleman goes from finished to sixty grand seamus one game to the next!

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