2019/20 Marcel Brands

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Player Valuation: £35m
A small quibble, but does this muppet have to crowbar himself into every signing photo? Would much rather see them shaking hands with Ancelotti!

I presume it's to put his face around. If he is the one doing the deals , phoning, travelling and meeting players and their agents they will recognise him. Small but probably important bits.


Player Valuation: £50m
Must admit Brands fully redeem himself this window. Addressing the core failure on the pitch with relatively low transfer fee. Hard not to feel happy at the moment.

getting rid of deadwoodS will be a perfect window.
Probably best wait for them to actually play some games before we decide that hadn’t we?! I’m happy with the signings in theory but it will only be a good window if the players make us a much better side. I was happy with Sandro and Pickford when we signed them.
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