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Match Thread Liverpool v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Our record there is so bad that little rats like Robertson take the piss laughing at late challenges they make without fear of a reprimand from the referee.

All I ask is that our players stand up to the scrap of it and exert some pressure back
. If Robertson or TAA want to start taking the piss, we get right in their faces and give it back.

Too long have we just been the whipping boys.
Early on, I would be telling some of our lads to get into him and his mate early and leave something in: remind them that we're here and who we are.

We need to let the derby get fierce, let the referee have to make decisions against them and let the eight thousand of us who will be there defend our boys.

If we can't win, make sure they leave knowing they've had a game. "And we'll fight, fight, fight, with all our might for the boys in the royal blue jersey. Kopites are..."


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Not to excite anybody but had a very vivid dream of a 90th minute DCL winner. Edge of the box, snook under their keeper, 1-0.


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Can't believe there'll be any Blue that won't want us to tw*t the RS today. Love the FA Cup. No team rotation or half-arsed attitude, please. Only got to the Norwich and Derby County games last time we won it. But even just watching the Newcastle, Spurs and United games on TV was magical.
1995 lit up and otherwise dire decade. If you're not already up for today, stick on All Together Now and think about us knocking Liverpool out the Cup at Anfield. The extra bounce in our steps tomorrow in work. Or for the youngsters, bragging rights just for once in school.

In Carlo We Trust!
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@JimmyJeffers I had a dream the night before the Champions league final last year about the 1974 World Cup final when a pen was awarded in the first minute and just believed in would happen again so I had a bet @50/1 on a first min pen.
When the RS were awarded one I was screaming at the telly that it was never a pen until I remembered I had just won £500!!
Funny old game
I wonder if we won the replay in your dream who we got in the 4th round?


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Ive avoided all the pre match build up until now, the general consensus seems to be they will put out their reserve side ?
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