Leave the ground empty on Monday night

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Kopite behaviour, all these suggestion.

Next we’ll be marching up Spellow Lane with some knob wearing a Rafael mask and dressed as the Pope leading us.


I'm afraid that argument of kopite behaviour has no relevance these days

If we continue to tolerate garbage then we will get continuous rubbish served up. What certainly isn't kopite behaviour is to accept 27 years without a single trophy and only 1 final.


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Who cares? The media are out of touch, and we are the people who follow our club on a daily basis and know the situation best.

This is a lot better idea than shouting in people's faces or people going onto the pitch.

Take a dump on the pitch? Something different I suppose


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Sit on your arse and do nothing then . I didn’t realise it was kopite behaviour to want better for your club .

It is when you suggest “leaving the ground empty” or sommat like that.

The Kopites tried that a few years ago and there was fisticuffs at The Pit when the ones leaving stsrted berating the ones staying put.

And we all lol ed at them.


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I don’t disagree that a large part of our fanbase will Go in regardless . Even 10,000 not going in would leave a message . You will never please everyone
Oh 100% it would bring attention to it, but I think the fact the team get booed off most weeks tells you how the fans are feeling at the minute.

We've had some rough spells over the years when koeman towards the end and fat Sam, but is the worst for me. Everyone just feels like they hate Everton at the minute ( I do anyway )

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