2018/19 Jordan Pickford

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The occasion was too big for him. Played up to the crowd, he has previous for this with the Geordies goading then in from of the Bullens, but the joke is on him. Said before, his confidence outweighs his ability.

We’ve invested a huge sum in this lad. He is seen as a Dodgepot - the mistakes and causal arrogance are outweighing any positives. Of which he has many. That said, I don’t see him being dropped by Everton but I reckon Southgate gets to make the call on the England job that we can’t afford to make. He won’t get 50 England caps is my opinion.


Player Valuation: £40m
Who is our goalkeeper coach? I genuinely don’t know
But he needs someone like Big Nev to sort him out. The club need to sort his immature antics out. He will be a great keeper. To just sell him is a get out. Who is going to replace him? Stek?
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Player Valuation: £70m
He will be a great keeper
He has become too cocky
He needs a manager to focus him
His weakness has always been crosses and when to come for them
But he is a great shot stopper
Grow up Jordan and don’t waste your talent. But to dismiss him is wrong.
We have had some terrible keepers over my time over the last 60 years and he is better than the majority.
Not a patch on Southall, West, Martyn but he still has the potential.
It’s more about attitude and maturity. That’s up to him

You lost me right there, Nostradamus.

kiss the crest

Player Valuation: £10m
He has served a very demanding apprenticeship as a keeper. World cup apart, he has never played behind a sound defence.

He would calm down if he was part of a better-organised team. He will improve, but I don't know if will be with us.
He won’t, when he has played for us and he has had nothing to do, he loves being the centre of attention and will try something stupid, you watch next time.

I have watched closely and he does exactly this


Player Valuation: £40m
You lost me right there, Nostradamus.
Only time will tell
But with the right advise I think he will. But he needs that right advise to sort his clowning out. Just my opinion. If he wants to be a great keeper I think he has the ability. He needs to mature

Richard Alex

Player Valuation: £500k
Need a new keeper. Pickford is a clown who constantly makes mistakes.
Both the Burnley keepers are better (not joe hart)
Go for one of them in the summer

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