January Transfer Thread 2020

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Player Valuation: £20m
£80 m for a 29 year old, no chance. Once he’s had his ‘Welcome to Everton’ ACL injury or broken leg within in his first month he will be too
How many of the signings Everton have made under Brands do you think are down to him? For me it is like Kean and Gbamin that is it. All the other signings were by the manager, you do not need a director of football to be signing Barcelona, Arsenal and Brazilian international players.

You seem to have this idea that all these signings were anything but players Silva wanted. Silva got sacked after like ten games into the season, you can not sell the concept to a manager in that position that Everton should be buying Jesus for 25 million and 3 unproven young players and thats the summer spend. As long as the manager has a say on transfers and they are always going too. They will want proven Barcelona, Arsenal and Brazilian international players, when they are 10 games away from being sacked,

This is going to be the same under Carlo, I'm sure Carlo does not want Everton to buy Jesus and 4 unproven players in the summer. Everton are not telling Carlo in the summer these are the 5 young players you get, get on with it lid. What players Brands recommends does not matter Everton have not been signing these players.

Considering Silva said he was waiting on Brands bringing him in 4/5 in the last 2 weeks of the summer window, I would say Silva had no influence whatsoever.

I’m sure Carlo will have more influence than Silva but in the end Brands will make the decisions. otherwise there’s no point in having him.

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