January Transfer Thread 2020

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Player Valuation: £70m
And besides, the only people who are saying hes 1 paced clearly havent watched him play.

I mean ive only watched this vid, but he defo doesnt look 1 paced to me.

For a 6' 2" centre mid he looks rapid ( from the clips obvs) looks really comfortable with the ball , and the lad can pick a pass.
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I understand it, we all want that big 6 foot 5 monster that hulk smashes his way through midfield and sprints like Usain Bolt from our 6-yard box and pings 1 in the top bin from 40 yards.

But yeah, we dont want no snails in there, from what ive just seen of Vecino I wouldnt call him a snail, but im judging somebody on youtube, im sure it would make Phil Neville look like Linford.

Is there not a Bundesliga U23 match you could be watching?
My energy drink fuelled chaps kick off in 10 mate. Head over to the thread for live updates and thrills. Beers available.

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