January Transfer Thread 2020

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Togger Blue

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Yep dirty Leeds but some great players. There is a story called battle of goodison 1964. You can Google it. Just before my match going time. Some of the older lads might remember it. Ref took the teams off for about 10.minutes I think cos the crowd at goodison was so angry at dirty Leeds and everton were replying in kind. Think the ref thought the crowd was going to rip Leeds apart. This prompted the News of the World the next day to proclaim that Everton supporters were the “roughest, rowdiest rabble who watches British soccer
What a magnificent plaudit, and I wish to be associated with it! ;) Like @tommytowne I was there, aged 12, in Gwladys Street (Ground), first game on my own after a few seasons going to matches with my arl feller and/or elder brother. Proper character building day. *on topic, as for transfers I haven't got a Scooby but I'd like a mixed addition of aggressive & talented players with a winning mentality.

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