January Transfer Thread 2020


Player Valuation: £70m
It doesn’t help that he has a different winger in front of him every week, different CH next to him, different midfielder etc
Him and Bernard had a good understanding
Also Gomes linked well with him.
That tends to happen when you have actual proper footballers on the pitch


Player Valuation: £70m
Maybe we see Richarlison as a striker Bernard or Iwobi more central or one of any of our attackers as surplus to requirements. Who even knows with us anymore!
That certainly seems to be working with DCL and him up top.

Bernard or Iwobi more central - possibly. It can't do any harm to have options though, something we have lacked for yonks.


Player Valuation: £20m
It’s the same every year, 3 and a half weeks of nothing then fans get so desperate that the board can buy any one or two and it doesn’t matter how bad they are. It’s such a relief to buy someone we accept it anyway.
Silva thought he was getting 4/5 with 2/3 weeks to go, never happened but fans were happy just to get Iwobi that Brands etc got away with it.


Player Valuation: £6m
He also can't run and isn't an elite enough passer to make up for it. I don't think he's what we need despite the price.
When I've seen him he's looked to have an eye for a pass and the lack of pace didn't stop him from contributing and keeping his team in posession and moving forward. He's not elite, but at £5m I thought maybe he's good enough to be a rotation option in midfield for a team looking to push the top 6?

Maybe not for us though as you say. I know it's not exactly a transfer that quickens the pulse. I was trying to be pragmatic however given the FFP situation and the paucity of options in CM at present.

Anyway he's off to Brighton so the discussion is moot!

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