2020/21 James Rodriguez

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Player Valuation: £35m
Sevilla want him, but can't afford his wages.

If we sold him for 10 mil, then we will have lost money on him as his signing fee was more than that. We want double that.

As for FFP, getting his big wages off the books is more important.
His signing on fee would have been amortised by now so the ‘loss’ has already happened.


Player Valuation: £20m
I just don't see James as a benitez player and benitez probably had worked that out before he took the job .

But equally I can't believe that a manager can come with prejudices like that or at best an idea. It's really easy for forums like this and the tabloid press - sometimes both equally rubbish - to just throw out comments like 'doesn't work hard ' , 'attitude problem' with no basis, and then it's suddenly the truth. Real Madrid is complicated and super political, so it could be for a stupid reason he was frozen out, and the Madrid football press is really bad!

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Player Valuation: £40m
Surely we won't be able to ship him before the season starts.

We have proven woefully unable to get rid of our crap buys, and have consequently taken some massive losses. Niasse, Walcott, Gylfi, Bernard, Cenk, Bolasie, and Iwobi all were moved on at losses or will force us to get rid at a big loss. James and Delph are also in that group, despite signing for relatively low fees.

At this low point i wouldn't really be that saddened by James leaving. It surely would be a blow, but it wouldn't be a surprise.


Player Valuation: £225k
The media hate someone like James being at Everton. They'll keep producing stories like this any time we get a player that other Premiership clubs would genuinely love to have in their team. I for one love watching him but just hope he can prove his fitness and force his way in to the team.


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Is this a rumour started in a foreign newspaper that the perpetually angry want to believe?

there is probably an element of truth in there but the media have probably twisted things to make Rafael look like the bad guy

wouldn't suprise me if Brands said to Rafael they need to reduce the wage bill significantly and rodriguez is one of our highest earners but is not a regular starter because of his injury problems and therefore it would be useful to try and offload him and Benitez has probably just agreed with Brands

Rafael probably doesn't care what happens, whether we keep him or not, he will work with what we've got if he has to and if rodriguez leaves he will just utilise iwobi and townsend more if we don't sign a replacement.
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