2020/21 James Rodriguez


Player Valuation: £225k
When he's on it he's a very spectacular player who just oozes class but when he starts to fade a little, when he's not involved or the team is getting overran he becomes a bit of a problem because we obviously didn't sign him to be doing some defending, It's something that needs dealing with straight away rather than 5-10 minutes later.


Player Valuation: £70m
Looked to be operating about 70% today as opposed to 50% in the last two games,70% is enough as seen today for him to influence a game, hopefully a couple of R & R days this week and he'll be back on it for us 100%,tremendous quality this fella has.

Yep, no International travel will do him good.

4 points off top spot, not bad at all and he's played a big part so far.


Player Valuation: £950k
There was about a 10 minute spell where he was on the edge of area middle of the pitch spraying footballs about.

What I love most is the fact his ability to use any part of that left foot to create and opportunity
If we’re in the game and getting possession for spells in the oppo’s half of the pitch then i’ve not seen anyone better at chance creating. That’s the area he needs the ball. Problem’s been we haven’t been dominant for long enough in games recently to really get him the ball in those areas for sustained periods. can See why he’d be a top top player for a team that are generally controlling the game and having most of the ball.

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