Confirmed Signing James Rodriguez


Player Valuation: £70m
That goes without saying, but we will still have them on the books, if we could shift one or 2 them out the door then this could be inspired, hope I'm 100% wrong but i thought Brands was looking to get younger players in with potential. This is an Ancellotti signing no doubt about it.
we have to get both youth and experience. We do have a bunch of younger players already.


Player Valuation: £25m
Ok, I’ll be the negative one:

How are we affording £20m James, £30m Doucoure and £30m Allan with no real outgoings with regards to FFP?

Genuine question.
Isn’t it a rolling 3 year average and doesn’t it only apply to those clubs in Europe?

so in one year’s time we’d need to worry about


17/18 was a big one which will be stopping off. The wage bill has been reduced a fair bit already and will do so further by then.

I think JJK will go. As will Davies. If James is coming I can also see one of Sigurdsson or Gomes going.

plus the following players all out of contract by 2021 so I guess we’ll see them leave too.


So I don’t think spending is massively out of the question.

we certainly won’t make things worse. And we have time to make it better.

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