If we qualify for europe its NOT because of our home support

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Was in the Terrace yesterday. Am baffled by the lack of support or any kind of effort to generate support. You could hear a pin drop all match. Ive noticed as well that it seems to be a new trend that for some sections that when we get a bit of a slagging for it from away fans our answer is " oh we're too boss to bother signing at home we only do it away" Laughable. those who sit in the terrace these days should be ashamed and have no knowledge of the history of what that part of the ground used do and the noise we used generate. Don't give me the excuses ah its only Cardiff who cares. Stay at home then like the koppites.
Yesterday was a day when our players needed to be kicked up the backside with some noise. We got a lucky break to keep us in the hunt for any kind of European place.

Those who say a some sort of singing section needs to be organised are dead right.


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I think people who spend £500+ a year to go and watch Everton have the right to sit in silence, personally.

A lot of working class lads, the people who historically made up a large portion of that noisy support can no longer afford to go to the game. And when they do they're too busy watching it to get their moneys worth to worry about starting chants.

Modern football is to blame, stop having a dig at your fellow supporters.


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...not too sure about all of this. Its well known that the Old Lady can be a cauldron of noise. Alan Brazil said on radio that it's the noisiest ground by far he played on and similar comments are made in the modern day. The atmosphere is a bit flat because the fans are a bit flat at the moment. 6 weeks ago we were in the Cup and battling for 4th. Our atmosphere hasn't gone, the Old Lady will buzz again.


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I think our support is poor at home for the majority but it's no different to most Premiership grounds. In games like yesterday, we pay our money, turn up, and expect to beat Cardiff comfortably. Yet again the players weren't clinical enough and did get at Cardiff enough from the start to get the fans going. If that was Liverpool, they would have stuck 3 or 4 past them.

It wasn't a performance to get the crowd going. But it was a great result and the players showed great character again to get the victory.


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easy kids im just saying it as it is. ;) Ye gotta admit its getting worse when we having a decent season. Its what I 'm saying. the street end always had the 'job' to vocally supports the team. It would have helped yesterday. The rest of the ground can relax and be the reactive ones if they like. A lot of other teams have the same problem With and old stadium like goodison a wall of noise when now and again gives the players a bit of a slap. More slaps more points!!


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Ok here we go again with another thread but nothing will get done so.....

Yes it is quiet and it is an embarrassment really. Look in the Gwladys, it's mostly young lads and you can't use the excuse they wanna concentrate on the game because when we play a big team at home, those lads are up for it and will sing before kick off.

When the players come out, the singing starts from the back and merely makes it 12 rows down. It fizzles out half way through. Even when the players are kicking off there's no chanting which there should be.

We sing when we score which when the team needed the fans to make some noise we didn't. When Liverpool or Man Utd are here we sing a lot more so why not against Cardiff? Someone answer me that question without disrespecting the opposition and without mentioning the opposition. The opposition doesn't matter! It's Everton we are singing for! The same players who line up against Liverpool, the same players who line up against Cardiff!

It's Everton we should be up for!
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