Idrissa Gueye

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Blue Jk, Jun 14, 2018 at 8:12 PM.

  1. Blue Jk

    Blue Jk Player Valuation: £25k

    Seen quite a few people on here say they wouldn’t have Gueye in the team this coming season.

    Admittedly I don’t want him and Schneiderlin in the same XI but it looks like MS will be staying.

    What does that mean for Gueye?
  2. mightymoyes

    mightymoyes Player Valuation: £40m

    It means he's about 30th on the list of 20 players we need to get rid of
  3. MarcelsGoat

    MarcelsGoat All the hail The King Forum Supporter

    I honestly dont see where he fits in a Silva team.

    I mean hes a very good player, at what he does, which is to harry, tackle and get amongst it, but as you say, if Morgan is gonna be the 6, I dont see where he fits in.
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    LEONARD Player Valuation: £20m

    He look's a decent player, but never really controls games, and rarely gets on the score-sheet.

    Fantastic energy, and a good 'nuts and bolts' midfielder.

    No more, no less.
  5. roydo

    roydo Moderator Staff Member

    Thats exactly what every side needs though.

    Unless I have missed something that Peter Reid did.
  6. COYBL25

    COYBL25 10/11/17 - Still doing a massive jig here Forum Supporter

    Let him do the job he's good at, as a holding midfielder, bring in a proper creative midfielder to play with him, don't play him with Schniederfraud and he'll thrive.

    LEONARD Player Valuation: £20m

    I take your point roydo, but we had Steven, Sheedy, and Bracewell alongside Reid.

    A perfectly balanced midfield, with creativity and goals, married to graft..

    Many of our current midfielders are 'much of a muchness' including Gueye.
  8. Saint Domingo

    Saint Domingo Player Valuation: £70m

    Bang average.
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  9. toffeejack

    toffeejack Player Valuation: £70m

    If we don't buy another centre mid, he fits.
  10. Seanjd

    Seanjd Banned at own request

    I’d say underrated by lots of our fans. Breaks up play often and can be an essential player when fully fit and on form. Didn’t have a great season last season, but who did? Far better than Schneiderlin and would do that job better than most we could get in I imagine.
  11. gixerk6

    gixerk6 Player Valuation: £950k

    I can't believe Silva would even contemplate keeping Schneids let alone start him especially picking him over Gueye. It wouldn't really give me confidence in his decision making straight from the off.
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  12. Stephenlloyd

    Stephenlloyd Player Valuation: £10m

    Will never ever suit the defensive midfielder that silva wants, someone who can dictate the play from deep, at times split the centre backs. And have a very good passing range.
    I think he will last one season under silva
  13. donny

    donny Player Valuation: £950k

    He's like a poor man's kante,he's got a lot of his attributes.Unfortunateley Kantes passes and movement create a lot more problems for the opposition because he's playing alongside better players than we've got.Sad but true.
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  14. Milkman

    Milkman Player Valuation: £10m Player Thread Sponsor

    He's our best player you divs. Put down the glue.
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  15. COYBL25

    COYBL25 10/11/17 - Still doing a massive jig here Forum Supporter

    I think he`ll be given a chance to show he can do it, but what do I know ???

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