How many points will it take too survive?

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34 with decent goal diff or 35 will do.

it might even be one or two points lower than that.

if we got a decent centre-mid and a quarter decent manager, it is not beyond the realms of possibility we get 37-38 points

even now we have to show suicidal intent to get relegated

but we have been showing it for years

Martin Alvito

Player Valuation: £35m
Low 30s. Burnley may never figure out where the net is despite playing top half defense, and Norwich can't defy death forever while conceding three times as often as they score, but Newcastle and Watford score enough to eventually win a few games.


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Hopefully Everton will fall short of that total. Our club is in crisis and overladen with expensive players who burden us with huge wages and no commitment. Also if we get relegated it will have a dual benefit amongst the fans as the angry, irrational dinosaur dars finally give up on Everton as will the millennial transfer obsessed mings who will migrate to their natural club of Man City or Chelsea.
Don’t think I suit the City shade of blue and as for £14 for a pie at Stamford Bridge?


Player Valuation: £35m
Also @MikeH72

I think if you watch the chances we had...there were 2 or 3 in the first half and at leaat SIX in the second...

...several of these i think it was easier to score than to miss.

Thats shocking luck
Unfortunately luck has nothing to do with it!
And to answer the question in the thread title I reckon at least 34 points to be safe, here's hoping we get there sooner rather than later!
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