How many points will it take too survive?

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The Trinity.

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We will be ok. But need to get off this never bloody ending loop of conceding first. Then not scoring. Then losing. We are now in a nightmare. We need ( obviously) to start winning. Not rocket science.
Now I admit that I got caught up in the Duncan Ferguson frenzy. The new manager bounce. The hype all week. The seemingly pleasing videos of the team training. They looked sharp ( or at least I thought they did). But then come match day. Come the first half. It's a no show.
So all I can say is here's hoping that Ferguson has learnt something from today. Hope that he starts the next match with the team that finished todays. Except i'd have Patterson playing instead of Kenny. Not basing this blindly. I've seen Patterson play. I really do rate him.
But being Everton. Would the team that finished today. Turn up , is it next week? Who knows? But we need to be turning up soon. many points will make us safe. As many as possible. Say 40. But hoping for a few more.
And yes we are in a relegation battle. Get Rooney in now. Get this mess sorted. And start climbing this league.
Always bullish that we will be ok. But after today. I don't know. I really don't know. Hard work supporting this team. But we can't change now.
Up The Toffees. Our let's get 40 points Toffees.

The Trinity.

Player Valuation: £10m
5 wins all season. Awful. And 4 dtaws. If we replicate that in our remaining matches. Then that's another 19 points. 38 in total. That should see us safe. Just. But will we get another 19 points?
Awful situation . And assuming that we do survive. We then need this nonsense sorted for next season. Is Rooney the man to sort us out?
Will Everton ever sort anything out?
A solid defence. A proper midfield enforcer or two. And forwards that don't squander so many chances. As much as I like DCL, he frustrates the hel l out of me.
So let's survive this season. Get Rooney in. And hope that he gets some sort of a tune out of this team.
Ps.......I'll be really happy when we have around 7 or 8 of the usual useless suspects of our books. Give the few of our better players a chance.
And as I've said it's Rooney next for me. Don't think that Lampard will relish this mess. Rooney might. But who knows. This is all just like a bad dream now. We will snap out of it soon..........I hope.

roy vernon

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Will not lay a glove on us if we play the same as 2nd half.
Zat, we weren't very good in the second half mate, all huff and puff, but, Gordon apart, no creativity at all. I look at them and I just think that unless we can fluke a win somewhere and our morale is lifted, I can't see us beating anyone.
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